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Areas of Expertise

At Nutrience Consulting, we're passionate about nutritional sciences and public health policy. The research and policy areas in which we have a particularly high level of expertise are described below. Have a project in mind that falls outside that scope? Please don't hesitate to contact us anyway; our broad and generalizable scientific background and skillset may still be valuable to your project! 

Canadian parliament building

Public and private sector nutrition policies and actions

  • Public and private sector policies, commitments and actions aimed at improving food environments and preventing obesity/non-communicable diseases:

    • Federal, provincial/territorial or municipal governments

    • Food and beverage manufacturers, chain restaurants, grocery retailers

Person standing in a grocey aisle

Food labelling

  • Front-of-pack labelling, menu labelling, nutrition & health claims, Nutrition Facts table

  • Consumer knowledge, understanding and usage of nutrition labels

  • Regulations and policies concerning nutrition labelling in Canada and other countries

Shopping cart at a grocery store checkout counter

Food pricing

  • Food taxation and subsidies

  • Impacts of taxing less healthy foods (e.g., sugar-sweetened beverages)

  • Prices of certain types of foods relative to others (e.g., healthier vs. less healthy)

Salt in a bowl

Product (re)formulation

  • Measuring and monitoring levels of nutrients in food/drink products or food supplies 

  • Nutrient profiling

  • Food processing classification

  • Proposed and implemented nutrient reduction targets in Canada and elsewhere

Child watching cartoons

Food promotion

  • Prevalence and power of marketing of unhealthy foods to children/youth

  • Use of marketing techniques

  • Use of nutrient profile models in policy

  • Government and industry policies aimed at restricting unhealthy food marketing 

Lifestyle counselling session

Dietary intakes and behaviours

  • Analyses of national dietary survey data (e.g., Canadian Community Health Survey)

  • Dietary assessment methods

  • Determinants of food choice

  • Consumer food and nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviours


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